blabel by Vetrya - Android App Review

blabel by Vetrya - Android App Review

Since the old days of ICQ and the advent of the android smartphone (yeah, yeah. the other kind too) instant messenger and online chatting has become one of the most important and popular apps in use everywhere and by everyone. In fact, a lot of people now use chatting and messaging more than they use old fashioned talking. 

Why is that? Well, there are several reasons and most of them revolve around the way people think and behave in the 21st century. First of all, we don't have as much free time as we used to. Everyone is hurrying to class, to work, to gym, to Thursday's night poker game. Everyone is busy, and instant messaging is the perfect solution to sending short message without the hassle of a long conversion.

There are more reasons why messenger apps are so popular, one of them being groups. The ability to send and receive messages from a group really revolutionized the way people communicate, as now creating a group, communicating with it and sharing stuff has become the normal way to communicate.

Last but not least is the ability to share stuff aside from messages. Today, most messenger apps will allow us to share pics, videos, songs and almost everything else. In effect, this means we can now share not only messages and texts, but we can now actually share moments and pieces of our lives.

But, since there are so many messenger apps, the questions begs to be asked, which is the best one ? Which one should we use?

Well, a very good candidate to answer that question is blabel, by Vetrya studios. 

We made our small army of reviewers download the app and start using it, and then we just waited for their opinions and remarks.

First of all, and something that came from the vast majority of reviewers, was the design. Apparently the design has been made in Italy and it shows. Everything in the interface is soothing and pleasant, from the colors to the shape of the buttons to the different background the user can select. Everything gives a very pleasant feeling when using blabel, which is something quite unique among other messenger apps. 

In addition, our younger reviewers especially loves the song searching and private messaging features with self destruct messages though we didn't ask what exactly they did with them ... Our older (and more serious minded reviewers) loved the way locations can be shared among people and groups.

Our reviewers who fell between those two groups loved the way people can use the app with the same account on several devices and even on the web. This opened a whole new world to those who could use the app comfortably even while at work and even when they switched devices, from tablet to smartphone to laptop.

Tips our reviewers sent were mostly about use and functionality. Switching and upgrading devices with blabel is MUCH easier than with other messenger services, just remember to format your old device so people won't be able to hack your account. Pokes are also a great feature our reviewers loved, though when using them for the first time with someone, make sure they understand what exactly they are.

So sum things app, blabel is an exciting new messenger app with security, encryption, self destructing messages, locations and media searching features, in addition to poke functionality. In other words, it can do everything other messenger apps can do, and then some, and everything in blabel is also beautifully designed. 

  • Score: 4.7. A beautiful messenger app with tons of features.
  • Description: A messenger app with security, self destructing messages, location and media sharing, chatting and group management.
  • Good Points: Self destructing messages. Pokes. Media and location searching and sharing. Beautiful design. 
  • Bad Points: None really. As a new messenger app, not everyone has it installed yet. 
  • Experience: The app is very easy to use and no one had any trouble starting to work with it. The multifunction main button took some getting used to.
  • Longevity: People installed this app for good, as even migrating from smartphone to smartphone became SO easy with blabel.
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