blabel by Vetrya - Android App Featured

blabel by Vetrya - Android App Featured   

Android smartphones (and the other kinds too ...) have several main functions or features. They serve as mobile offices, mobile entertainment centers, mobile security centers and last but certainly not least, mobile communications centers. That last feature is important because let us not forget that smartphones have evolved from phones, and communications was the main if not only function phones served.

But we must not forget another important thing. We are in the 21st century now and talking on the phone is so ... 20th century. Now we text, and instant chat, and share movies and songs and files. Communications now is so much more than 'just' talking. We share feelings, moments, pictures. Actually, we now share pieces of slices of our lives.

This is what instant messenger apps are all about. But, Google Play has so many instant messenger apps, from Whatapp to Wechat to Tango to the current Facebook messenger app. Where is the innovation? Where is the instant messenger app that does more than the others?

Well, we would like to introduce babel, an Italian designed and American produced messenger app.

blabel has all the functionality a good messenger app should have. People can send text messages, chat, send media files from pics to videos. In addition, the app supports sending voice messages from device to device and all the obvious group functionality, from group creation, deletion and so on and so forth.

However, blabel has some very interesting additions that make us forsee good things for this relatively new messenger app. First of, the design and UI. It is quite clear where the Italians have pitched in their ideas and outlook as blabel is perhaps one of the better looking and better designed apps we have seen lately, with buttons, menus and background blending in to give a great user experience.

But the app really shines when we come to consider its special features. First and foremost, blabel allows us to hook several devices into the same account and that can make life SO great, as we can chat with friends and don't miss on conversation even if we are now surfing the Internet on our tablet while our smartphone is charging.

blabel also supports web interface (i.e. chatting right from our desktop!), self destruction messages and pokes, searching and sending songs and a lot more, with everything packaged into a beautiful, easy to use interface.

Did we already say we see great things in the future for this app?


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