The Race by KSZ DEV - Android App Featured

The Race by KSZ DEV - Android App Featured   

The beautiful thing about our Android Smartphones is that they are so versatile. The limits to the things they can do only comes from the limits of the imagination of their users and the app developers. One of the places where we can see those limits being lifted is in the gaming scene. Here on Android Review Center we see and review a LOT of games, but not all are any good.

In fact, it is quite hard to point out a good game. It is harder to say exactly WHAT makes a game good. It should have a good story, though Flappy Birds had no story at all. It should be simple, though Clash Of Clans is one of the most successful games and is anything but simple. Perhaps a good game is one that gets the player's blood pumping and makes him or her excited. 

In fact, racing games are one of the best games in this regard, as almost no can remain indifferent when driving a car at high speeds on difficult tracks, racing cars driver by drivers as good or even better than the player is. Of course, with our smartphones we can take the game with is anywhere.

The Race is an excellent example for a racing game and also a great example for a game that makes the player's blood pump faster in excitement. The Race is all about racing cars, using realistic physical models to simulate the way cars, concrete and crazy tracks combine to create an extremely exciting and satisfying environment to race our car against AI foes. 

The Race has great AI opponents, drivers that won't give up and test any player's ability to the limits, because as anyone who ever played racing games knows, the trick is not just to press the pedal to the metal but to judge and execute turns professionally, something that The Race rewards players for doing.

But The Race is more than that. Adding weapons, defenses and upgrades, the games becomes a strategy game because it is not enough to try to beat the other players, now they will try to SHOOT you, so you have to evade them and fire in return if you want any chance of finishing the track, let alone winning it. 

As a complete game, The Race has three difficulty level, an achievements ladder and several game modes to suit every player and to suit the time the player has to play. Of course, the sound effects and the visuals will make any game exciting, even if it a very short one.

To sum things app, The Race is exciting, strategic, violent and fast, creating a kill or be killed environment where you have to be fast, smart and plan ahead to survive and win. In other words, we liked it. 

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