Security Tips For Android Smartphones

Security Tips For Android Smartphones 


With the amount of viruses and types of malware proliferation today and with all forecasts predicting the situation will become even worse in the years to come, security and protection of our smartphones has become a necessity. Having said that, we are going to present some very simple tips to greatly reduce the danger the Internet poses to our smartphones.

Turn off other sources for apps. This is the first thing to do as this will limit the apps installed on your smartphone to only those from Google Play, which go through some screening.

Be careful what you send over WiFi. Using public WiFi hotspots to reserve your cellular data package is great but remember, everything you send over WiFi can be intercepted by the host computer, if not other listeners. Do not send any passwords when connected through WiFi. 

Careful of the links you visit and the things they ask you to do. Just as with desktop computers, more than one virus proliferates through bad links send through email. Do you know the person sending you the link? Does the email look like something he or she would normally send? If there's something suspicious, it is better to stop and contact the sender before entering the suspicious link.


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