Hide My IP - Android App Review - Update

Hide My IP - Android App Review - Update

Hide My IP - Android App Review - Update. Hide My IP is a very useful app that does one very important thing, change the mobile device's IP while working with the app into another IP from a specified location such as a country or even a selection of different cities from the United States. The app makes it impossible for anyone to detect the user's real IP.

We already wrote a review for Hide My IP - here and since we at Android Review Center like to go back to selected apps and re-visit them and their users, we though Hide My IP would be a very interesting app to go back to and check on its users and reviewers more than three months after starting to use this app, see how things changed and what added experience they gained with the app.

It should be mentioned that our reviewers are free as to whether they keep or delete the app they get to review so it would be interesting to learn who kept the app and how do they use it.

First of all, we asked the reviewers who kept the app installed what they thought about it stability and bugs, if any. The responses were in general good ones. The app is very stable and has rarely if ever crashed or misbehaved. There are occasions when it has trouble connecting but that is because the remote servers were down. If you wait a few minutes to hours, the server come back online and you can connect.

We asked about support from the developers, as the full app costs money and we on Android Review Center firmly believe that a serious developer should always support his paying customers. Again, we were quite happy with the responses. One reviewer had some trouble with the app and the developer studio helped him through email, while three others received help in running the app.

We also asked about the ease of operation. Apparently, the reviewers all reported the app is real easy to operate, just run it, select the location you wish the app to mask your IP (i.e. from where your masked IP will originate) and that's it, you surf the Internet with no trouble at all. Again, sometimes you have to wait a little while for a server to be free but usually there's no problem at all. 

We also inquired about latency. Did reviewers encounter it? The overwhelming majority of people did not of any latency problem. Surfing seemed almost the same speed with the app running. A few reviewers did report that there was a little slowing down when using specific locations, though they still had no problem viewing clips or playing games.

We also inquired what uses the reviewers who kept the app installed had for it. First and foremost, many users used the IP masking feature of the app to hide their IP when commenting or posting on various sites. Apparently, quite a lot of users are afraid of their boss, wife or even the officials in their country (even in the US) finding out and knowing where and what comments the users remarked.

We should clarify the previous statements. We are not talking about secret agents or terrorists here, people who have done things illegally and are trying to hide from the law. We are talking about regular, normative people who have done nothing but want privacy, to be able to surf the net, comment and write without anyone knowing what they did. 

Another very popular use the reviewers had for Hide My IP was for viewing content. For various reasons (usually commercial reasons), content will sometimes not be visible for users in specific locations, such as Netflix. Hide My IP allows people to view that content by changing their IP to the IP of US for instance.

Some people got into the habit of using the app when buying things online. We cannot be sure at to the value of keeping privacy when buying stuff online, since you have to transfer the seller money and a delivery address, but people who wanted to keep their privacy badly used this app, in accordance with paypal accounts and disposable mailboxes to shop anonymously. 

Last but not least, people who wanted to surf and enter sites and forums that use IP filtering based on location used this app to circumvent the filtering and use the protected sites. 

Our conclusion is that Hide My IP is a very solid app and does exactly what it says, hiding your IP while using it, and allowing different locations from which to assign your IP.
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