Hide My IP - Android App Featured

Hide My IP - Android App Featured   

There are differences between real life and life on the Internet (though of course there are people that claim BOTH lives are real. Let's just say Physical Life and Online Life) and one of the most important ones is the relative proximity of the online people. If a bad person has a thing against you in Physical Life, he cannot really reach you but Online Life has brought everyone together.

This means that the person that has a grudge against you can sent you a virus through Email even though you are from different countries. This means that the comment you added to an article may come back to haunt you because someone took offence and now is brewing a lawsuit against you. Internet has brought everyone together, whether they like it or not.

And one of the most important ways to protect yourself is to hide or mask your IP address.

Your IP address (Internet Protocol address) is your online identifier. With your IP, a unique name that you are given by your carrier, the Internet recognizes you and through it everyone comes together and becomes a next door neighbor, for all intensive purposes. This means that if you are interested in keeping your privacy and taking a powerful step towards online security, your first move should be to hide your IP.

Hide My IP is an app that does exactly that, hides your IP and allows you to surf the Internet through a VPN, a tunnel that is isolated from outside interference and connects you directly to your destination. In addition, Hide My IP assigns you an IP according to a selected country. An IP address contains locality information that reports the country, state and sometimes even the city from which you surf. Hide My IP can assign you an IP from another country.

What are the uses of Hide My IP? Well, like we said earlier, this app helps save your IP and privacy. The user of this app can surf the Internet with relative anonymity, without anyone knowing who he or she is and from where he or she comes. In addition, the user of this app can circumvent limitations placed on websites for servicing or refusing services to surfers from specific countries.

Online safety, privacy and security is starting to enter the spotlights these days, and everyone should pay close attention to the risk we are taking when we surf the web. Hide My IP is an important step towards increasing our online privacy and security, a step everybody needs to take in order to protect ourselves in the sometimes over crowded online community.

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