Fly Balloon Fly - Android App Review Update

Fly Balloon, Fly! by PopSoda Digital Commerce - Android App Review - Update

Games on Android Smartphones and mobile devices can be broadly and inaccurately be divided into two types. There are the complex strategy games that demand a lot of time and energy to play, with previous planning and after action reports and there are the games which are not necessarily simpler but that are configured for short and furious gameplay sessions. 

Now, the games that support shorter gameplay sessions mostly follow several rules in order to really shine out among the millions of games and apps on Google Play. By the way, the huge number of apps out there is a problem not only for developers but also for user and players because if the good games are not found and supported, the good developers will stop developing apps and games, to the loss of all.

So, what rules are there that good games usually adhere to? First of all, they should be exciting. Something important must be on the line or the player won't care what happens during the game. In addition, the game must be challenging with a logical challenge curve to let the players adjust. Finally, setup and game launch should be fast, almost instantaneous. 

All right, we now would like to introduce Fly Balloon, Fly! before we tell you what our review team thought about it. The game itself is quite simple. Our hero, the balloon rider, must adjust his flight to avoid the sharp and deadly obstacles on several exotic landscapes, featured desert towns, our space and more. Accumulate enough points and the rocket man will arrive. 

So, what did our reviewers think about this game? Since this is the second time we review it, we used a different team of reviewers. First and foremost, our reviewers liked the way the game is controlled. The balloon's course can be raised and lowered by only one finger need to control the game, which makes it very easy to play with one hand holding the mobile while the other holds a bus handhold or a bag.

The difficulty curve is also well adjusted. The game DOES become difficult and challenging but it takes time, making the player feel comfortable with the control and the way the balloon behaves before the real challenges arrive. Our reviewers also liked the graphics, which is far superior to other, similar games.

The rocket man upgrade was also very welcome and liked by our reviewers, since it really changes the game and adds new challenge in the way the game is played and controlled. 

And now for some tips and tricks for the game. First of all, planning ahead. It may seem strange, but planning ahead really does help. Try not to look only at the obstacles in front of the balloon now, but also at the obstacles that are about the arrive. This makes the flight much more easy.

Another tip may sound a little strange and difficult to do but it may help those that are having problems with the more difficult levels. The tip has to do with the look. Try not to focus on the balloon but un focus your eyes. It's a little like in real fighting or boxing. You don't look in the opponent's eyes, you look in his general direction. Try doing it with Fly Balloon, Fly! and we guarantee you will do better, if you keep doing it from the start.

The final word is that our reviewers really liked this game. Simple to operate, setup and control, with very pleasant graphics and with just the right amount of challenge, Fly Balloon, Fly! seems to have everything in balance. Of course, our reviewers added that working to reach the rocket man is really worth. Try it and you'll see!

  • Score: 4.5. A rapid, challenging one-finger-control game.
  • Description: An arcade game where the player controls a balloon rider's flight through several landscapes while avoiding deadly obstacles..
  • Good Points: Game which is easy to operate. Fast launch. One finger control. Ideal for a five minute break.
  • Bad Points: Nothing that we really noticed. Perhaps more variety in the obstacles would have made the game better. Perhaps not.
  • Experience: Everyone had the game up and running in no time. Of course, learning to defeat the tougher levels required some trying.
  • Longevity: The game's simple mechanics and challenge made almost everyone keep this installed for a considerable amount of time.


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