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Explosion Valley by Dutyfarm GmbH - Android App Featured   

All work with no play makes us really quite boring people, even here at Android Review Center. Lucky for us (and for humanity too, we firmly believe) Android Smartphones have been invented and along with them comes Google Play, a huge repository of apps and games, everything we need to keep us entertained.

Well, actually that is the problem. There are in excess of ONE MILLION games and apps on Google Play, some great professional games while others are made over the weekend by bored high school students with too much time on their hands and without really any understanding of what makes a good game.

So, what DOES make a good game? There are so many games and so many game genres with both genres and games multiplying as mobile hardware keeps getting better while Android development tools keep getting simpler to operate that outlying general rules becomes harder. Still, we can state some fairly obvious things.

A good game will challenge the player. A good game will not be terminated too soon. A good game must be interesting, whether the interest is in the story or in the gameplay. A good game must be exciting, making the player want to come back to it and give the player a rush whenever it is played.

Well, we at Android Review Center firmly believe Explosion Valley fills all of these requirements and then some, which is why we are presenting it here, of course. Explosion Valley is a puzzle game that still manages to be exciting, in sharp contrast to many puzzle games that are challenging but also boring ...

The premise of this game is quite simple. The player must demolish a building or a structure using a limited amount of explosives of different types. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, it is more complicated than this as the structures behave according to physical rules which means that the explosives must be placed in the correct location or the demolishing will fail.

The game is challenging because the player must also demolish the structure is such a way as to avoid it falling on the heads of innocent tourists sometimes standing underneath the building. The player must also make the building fall on top of various bonuses scattered on the demolishing site area. There are dozens of levels, and each one is more difficult and interesting than the previous one.

What can we say? We like taking things apart. In fact, EVERYONE likes blowing stuff up. If you add to it fires and explosions, a puzzle challenge that keeps getting harder, a very professional looking graphics and design, added to some quirky stuff and steady humor, all of this creates a good game that is really worth downloading and giving it a try.

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