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Dot Connect Pro by GoPlay2Day - Android App Featured   

Dot Connect Pro is a puzzle game, simple in design but hiding sophistication underneath the hood. Its premise is quite simple. On each level, a field of colored dots appears and the player must connect the dots of the same colors without the lines touching each other, with a time limit.

Sounds quite simple, doesn't it? But a quick delve into the game reveals its true colors (if you'll excuse the pun ...). First of all, there are hundreds of levels, providing days if not weeks of fun (this game will not run out of things to do just as you're starting to get the hang of things!).

The levels grow in size and complexity, starting from a mere 5x5 level which is child's play till the humongous 14x14 levels which really require some deep thinking and acute spacial understanding. There being a time counter, limited number of moves and a global achievements ladder only makes things more challenging.

So, what's so fun in puzzle games in general and Dot Connect Pro in particular? First of all, puzzle games force you to use your brain and it may come as a surprise to many, but the good feeling that spreads inside you after solving a particular good puzzle is a special and delightful thing.

There's also the fact the puzzle isn't hidden behind some moronic story or characters or scenery. The puzzle is bare, right in front of you and waiting to be solved. Of course, this means that whenever you have some free time, you can whip out your smartphone and grapple with another, tougher level. 

Doc Connect Pro is the kind of app we like to see here on Android Review Center. Well made with HD graphics, professional designed menus and simple interface that keeps you from wasting your time and saves your time and energy by taking you directly to the game without delay.

For kids who need to develop their intellect and spacial understanding, or senior citizens that need to keep practicing their cognitive and problem solving skills or for busy adults who need a quick game to relax from their cluttered schedules, Dot Connect Pro is a game to have on your Android Smartphone. 

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