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Circle Pong by Super Droid Studio - Android App Featured   

Simplicity has its virtues and among the hundreds of thousands of games on google plus there exist a huge selection of complicated games, with complex rules, dozens of units and untold rules, all creating games that are better played on tablets and require quite a lot of time, both to understand how to play and to play each session.  

On the other side of the scale exist the simpler games, games that do not require such a lot of time to understand the rules or to manage to play a session, which is both more suitable to Android Smartphones and to our own busy life and cramped schedules, where we can barely find a few minutes to relax between appointments or work..

Of course, even among the games that are shorter and simpler by nature there exist a great variety. Some are puzzles which require puzzle and riddle solving, obviously. Others are arcades, designed to let the player struggle with difficulties while he or she fights to move the game's character from start to finish.

Finally, there exists the arcade or action genre which is simple and requires great hand to eye coordination, lightning fast reflex and unwavering concentration. These games are very popular because they are really great to pass a few idle minutes, are very relaxing as the player's fingers flash across the screen and the concentration needed helps the player focus easier on his tasks later on.

Circle Pong is a very interesting example of the action genre. 

The aim of Circle Pong is quite simple. Use your finger to control the bat and keep the ball inside the circle. Of course, the ball moves faster and faster and the player must move his fingers faster in order to bring the bat to the correct place in order to keep the ball inside the circle. Along with fast and rhythmic music, Circle Pong is very fun variation of the ping pong game. 

Circle Pong is quite difficult as the concentration needed to keep the ball inside the circle is intense. One wrong finger pass or one distraction is all that suffices to let the ball escape and finish the game. The challenge is on, not only to succeed in keeping the ball inside the circle, but also to keep succeeding for a longer period of time.

To sum things up, Circle Pong is both simple, eminently playable and a lot of instant fun, great for any idle moment and great for both reflexes and concentration. 

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