Chocolate Raiders - Candy Puzzle - Android App Review

Chocolate Raiders - Candy Puzzle by Pixel Racoons GmbH - Android App Review

Chocolate Raiders came into our attention because of several of its features, things we thought put it a step above and beyond mos of the puzzle games on Google Plus. Since there are now SO many games over there, with thousands of variation on almost every kind of game, the challenge has become finding the game that really has something different or better.

A game can be better compared to its many siblings on Google Play by, for example, offering different gameplay. Of course, this is really only one of the things that can elevate a game, the others being great design, beautiful interface and graphics (including menus, characters, levels and basically everything in the game) and the mood or feeling the game inspires.

The question now is, will our reviewers think Chocolate Raiders really is better than most other games?

First, let's see what Chocolate Raiders is all about. The game itself is quite simple, being a series of puzzles where the chocolate monster has to solve the puzzle level in order to get to the chocolate (or cake, or jelly or muffin ...) and get it away from the selfish Chocolate kind who refuses to share his chocolate with others. 

The challenge in Chocolate Raiders becomes harder on each level and there are 75 levels in the first section and 75 levels on the second section. Each level has a timer and the levels must be won with the least amount of moves possible in order to receive the biggest amount of points.

Our reviewers are quite diverse, from kids to teens to parents to quite older people in order to bring the opinions of everybody about each app, Chocolate Raiders in this case.

The first thing everybody, young and old, male or female pointed out was the game's graphics. Chocolate Raiders really have a professional looking design, from the characters to the levels to the chocolate goodness to the menus and everything conspires together to bring a warm, fuzzy chocolate feeling to the player. Like we said, the vast majority of our reviewers pointed this out. 

Another thing quite a lot of reviewers pointed out was the amount of variation in the levels themselves. Chocolate Raiders' makers have not only invested in graphics but have also invested in the puzzles, making each level unique and challenging. Sometimes a challenging game can become too difficult and repetitive, but this game managed to have levels and puzzles so different as to make it interesting to come and solve the next puzzle.

Our reviewers also liked something that we'll call, from lack of other words, atmosphere. The graphics and soundtracks and the calls of the characters and way everything is drawn all create a very friendly, kid safe environment that lacks violence and has appealed to almost everyone, young and old alike (of course, except for the few pyromaniacs who didn't have enough explosions and fires in the game, but they were really a small minority).  

The first tip our reviewers gave is not actually directly gameplay oriented. More than several of our reviewers are parents and they found the kids loved the game, the quirky characters, the fast soundtrack and even the puzzles, sometimes turning it into a family or group challenge to solve the more difficult puzzles together.

The advise our reviewers give to those who want to play the game is watch the level carefully and don't expect to solve the next level the way you solved the previous one. Each level has a different solution and watching the level and seeing what portals, timers and other items are scattered across it is the first and arguably most important phase of solving the puzzle.

Chocolate Raiders is a great example of what professional work can achieve, from beautiful graphics to matching soundtrack to challenging but not killer levels, creating a game that can appeal to almost everyone.

  • Score: 4.75. Beautiful designed and executed puzzle game.
  • Description: A puzzle solving game where the player must guide the chocolate raider monster towards the chocolate treasure on puzzle levels.
  • Good Points: A huge number of levels prevents the game running out before the player gets to enjoy it. No violence. Beautiful graphics, music and character design.
  • Bad Points: We would have liked a save function that will let us save a game in the middle and get back to it a week from today. Most games lack such a feature, sadly ...
  • Experience: The game plays almost by itself from day one. Almost no one had any trouble figuring out what to do, though figuring the items like timers and portals took a little longer.
  • Longevity: The sheer amount of levels and the variance between the levels will keep this game installed for a long time on most mobile devices.
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