Chocolate Raiders - Candy Puzzle - Android App Featured

Chocolate Raiders - Candy Puzzle by Pixel Racoons GmbH - Android App Featured   

There are a great many things that Android Smartphones can do. Communications, office functions and security (along with safety) are but some of them. However, the most fun function smartphones posses is their ability to function as mobile entertainment centers. In other words, the games that can be played on the our smartphones.  

The games available on Google Play can be divided into several broad categories, with simulators, puzzles, arcade and strategy game being some of the more popular ones. We would like to focus on one particular game, a relatively new entry into Google Play that is called Chocolate Raider, a puzzle game that is also an adventure.

Now, the question that should be asked it this: With thousands (if not millions) of games on Google Play, what does Chocolate Raiders have that makes it special?

What is Chocolate Raiders about? The game is about a chocolate monster, a small cute creature that sets out to steal and eat candy (and cakes and muffins and a lot more), all taken from the king who doesn't really want to part with all his chocolate goodness and share it with our small chocolate monster. The game takes place on levels and the player must solve the puzzle of each level in the least possible moves to win the level, feed the monster and advance to the next level.

So, what makes Chocolate Raiders stand out from the other puzzle games on Google Play? First and foremost, the graphics. It is clear that this game was made with love, with painstaking attention to every little detail and with almost limitless number of models, level graphics, special items and of course, sheer chocolate goodness.  

Another is the challenge. With this game, the player must really think. A level can be pretty complex and the player must analyze it and use the special features (from times to donuts to portals) to solve the level. Of course, with hundreds of levels available, the game becomes a never ending joy (and not ends after a measly 30 levels, as some other games do). 

Last but certainly not least, is the lack of violence. This game is relatively violence free and provides a good game for kids to keep busy, out of trouble while still using their brains.

To sum things up, Chocolate Raiders is a completely professional game with amazing graphics, rich gameplay and a sweet undertone, ideal for a quick play or a deep lengthy session. We hope we made it clear what makes this game not like all the rest on Google Play ...

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