Baby Phonic video baby monitor - Android App Featured

Baby Phonic video baby monitor by Nikolay Shishenkov - Android App Featured   

Android Smartphones should serve us in four capacities. They should be great to use as mobile offices, mobile communications centers (from phone calls to Whatsapp to social network etc), mobile entertainment centers (for playing games and consuming media files) and last but certainly not least, they should serve as mobile security and safety devices.

That fourth role, security and safety centers, is becoming more and more important and pronounced these last years as apps keep appearing that can serve to locate a loved one, hear and understand his or her condition, keep track of important locates such as police stations and fire stations and being able to (almost) automatically call help on distress.

One of the most important functions in that fourth role of security and safety center has to do with baby monitoring. EVERYBODY should know and learn of these function, because even if you don't have kids now or your kids are all grown up, spearing the word may bring good to other people.

So, for those without kids or those whose kids are all grown up, what is a baby monitoring? Baby monitoring is a function usually served by dedicated devices that allows parents to see and hear what the baby is doing even when they are in another room. That is important during the first year of a baby's life (some say two years) because it may help prevent disasters while letting the parents relax or do chores, which is also important.

A very interesting app that serves as a baby monitor facilitator is Baby Phonic, which we will present now. 

Baby Phonic is a comprehensive yet simple to use app that transforms ANY device into a baby monitor, even if it is a lowly tablet, a high spec smartphone, an old desktop or a laptop that lies around. Even Amazon Fire devices can be used, as Apple devices. Baby Phonic ties any paid of these devices together and creates a sensor and a viewing screen.

The sensor keeps track of the baby in question, sending back video AND sound to the viewing screen on the other side of the connection. The viewing screen allows the parents to keep track of the baby wherever they are in the house, as long as they have WiFi connection to the same router as the 'sensor' device.

Baby Phonic is a great solution to the baby monitor problem, allowing the user to connect almost any devices and view their output almost everywhere. With a simple setup and easy to operate UI, Baby Phonic is a great baby monitor app that can be used by anyone. 

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  2. Some people have data caps, so one con of this idea would be using up all of your bandwidth. Also, using a laptop or small computer would use more electricity than a standalone unit, but that probably isn’t an issue for most. In general though, it’s a pretty good idea.