2 Remember docs and Note taking - Android App Featured

2 Remember docs and Note taking by MOKOBI OOD - Android App Featured   

Modern life is a great thing. Really. We have taps with hot water, refrigerators, TV sets, a world wide web with all the information in the world and unlimited connectivity options called the Internet and of course, we have those marvelous devices called Android Smartphones that put all that power right in the palm of our hands.

Of course, not everything is perfect in our world, and we're not talking politics here. If you try to think of it, you will understand that modern people have a LOT of things to remember. In fact, so much things that need to be remembered it is impossible to list them all, let alone really remember them. Pay the bills. Take the kid to the Judo class AND take him back. Get back to Andy about that movie night proposal. See that place for a possible replacement apartment. Bring back two milk cartons back home. And this goes on and on and on ...

Now, the nice thing about Android Smartphones (and the other kind, too, for a lesser extent) is that Google Play is filled with apps, some of them being organizers and calendars and note taking apps, all designed to help the poor modern people cope with the things they have to remember in life.

But, we want to introduce you to 2 Remember, an organizer that takes quite a drastic approach to things, an approach that is probably the best solution possible to the problem of sorting out and organizing the HUGE amount of things we need to remember in our life.

So, what is 2 Remember? This app takes the approach that we may need to remember anything, thus it has featured to remember everything we need to. The app will take notes about media files, physical locations, audio notes, movies, songs, links, emails, written notes and many more things. In other words, the app can and will remember anything that we put in or through our smartphone. 

Then, the app helps us sort the things it remembers for us, dividing them into broad and narrow categories, adding locations, time limits and alerts, audio notes and anything else that needs to be added for the note and the thing we wanted to remember. To make sure we don't run out of place, the app will store (if we set it up to) everything we need to on cloud storage, keeping our mobile light and unencumbered. 

The benefits are truly remarkable. With 2 Remember, everything and anything we need to do, remember, plan and perform is right there for us, sorted and categorized, with a time alert. The app will inform us if we need to act on an email now, take the kid from class, do the laundry on Monday night and pick up the clothes from dry cleaning.

Used properly, 2 Remember really has the potential to make our lives much more organized, less prone to accidents and mistakes, and much more pleasant.

Which is exactly what a good app should do. 

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