The Stupid Test by Avidelearning - Android App Featured - Update

The Stupid Test by Avidelearning - Android App Featured - Update   

We already wrote about the Stupid Test, right here on Android Review Center but we decided another short article about this very interesting and innovative puzzle game and mind tester was in order, simply because we loved the game and we actually thought this game was important (yeah, no kidding. Seriously).

Just to make things clear. In our day and age with the entire Internet is available right there in our pocket, with the entire sum of human knowledge waiting to be accessed with a few simple finger taps, games like the Stupid Test are more important than even.

It is not enough to have all that information available to us if we cannot do anything with it. In other words, all the data in the world won't help us if we cannot think.

And like we said in out previous article about the Stupid Test, it is seldom that we have on Android Review Center come across an app (that is disguised as a game but is much more than a simple game) that trains people to think, to solve problems, to think out side the box.

Because this is the point of the Stupid Test. You have to think. All the information on the Internet won't help you with the game's puzzles. Only imagination, analytical thinking and sheer stubbornness will help with the puzzles. Sometimes, you have to walk around for a few days with a particular difficult puzzle bouncing in your head.

Another great feature with this game is the possibility of training and strengthening the minds of our kids. There's no parent who doesn't want to have a smarter kid and this game presents a unique opportunity for parent and child to work together to solve the app's fun puzzles..

Of course, no article about the Stupid Test can be complete without mentioning the updates in the app, adding 70 (!!!!) levels of puzzles and the ability to advance without solving a particular difficult puzzle, all of which makes this game even greater.

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