Next Business Tycoon - Android App Review

Next Business Tycoon by Michael Asaraf - Android App Review

Next Business Tycoon by Michael Asaraf - Android App Review. Strategic games are a pain in the ass, really. The player must think all the time on whatever moves he or she makes, calculate and plan several steps ahead and o get to a simple battle sometimes requires days of work. Not to mention the base, which must be nurtured, protected and developed.

Action, platform and casual games seem to be more fun. You just start the game and right away start flapping your wings between the pillar, jump across the hurdles or just shoot at the enemy. No complex thinking required. 

And this is it, exactly. People (at least most of them) delight in thinking. People love planning ahead and waiting patiently for their plans to unfold. People take pleasure in growing and developing a huge base of operations that has started with a single shack.

That's the crux of the matter with strategic games. Games with deep gameplay that you can play for months.

So how does Next Business Tycoon measure up to classic strategic games?

Next Business Tycoon is all about the cruel and predatory world of major companies. The player starts off with a small business or company and then little by little, by acquiring resources, transportation, income and other businesses the player rises in levels and his or her options expand to include various modes of attack on competing companies (other online players).  

Next Business Tycoon really has quite a number of options and actions for the player to perform, from buying resources, to buying other businesses to conducing attacks of various kinds on competitors or just draw the defenses around oneself and try to survive without engaging the rivals in economic warfare.

Our small army of reviewers went ahead and started playing the game and reports started coming in right away, though the game itself can run over several weeks, if played properly.

As it turns out, the game was really fun for quite a lot of reviewers of different ages, aptitude and education. The reviewers who liked more aggressive games went ahead and used the attack options much more frequently. Those who liked hacking used that option. Others who liked the pure economic side more bought and sold businesses more. Every reviewer developed his or her own style.

The graphics and UI was very easy to use. Some games use a lot of fancy graphics and effects in their UI, creating a game that is beautiful yet very hard to use (See Galaxy Legend ...) by this game's UI is very functional and simple, with data presented straight away to the player while media clips convey the feeling that the player really controls vast company assets.

Our reviewers also appreciated the fact that the player isn't forced to wait days or even longer for some resources or buildings to become available, but the game makes sure there is something to do, some attack to plan or strategy to implement to further advance the player's company.

And now for some tips and tricks. Though every player will have his or her own preference as to attacks or defense, in order to play a good game and create a successful company, a player must be ready to use ALL modes of attack, as some companies have weaker physical defenses while other have weaker computer defenses. The good tycoon must be able to take advantage of ALL weaknesses. 

Research is also quite important, especially at higher levels. Though aggressive spying, attacking and buying may help a company along, only a steady investment in research will yield long term progress.

Finally, alliances and other players are very important in this game, whether it is for resource trading or combine assaults or defenses on another, bigger company, the tycoon who ignores the other players won't go far. Not to mention this is a major part of the fun in this game.

To sum things up, Next Business Tycoon is a very original, fast paced yet deep strategy game, well loved and received by our reviewers.. 

  • Score: 4.7. A very good strategic game, one of the best we reviewed.
  • Description: A massive strategic online game where the player plays a tycoon bent on making his or her company the biggest and most powerful on earth.
  • Good Points: Easy to use UI. A lot of options. Deep strategy and thought needed to succeed.
  • Bad Points: We would have liked to have a little more help in figuring out the more complex strategies and options, maybe an offline forum or something.
  • Experience: The game starts a little slow, but as the player reaches lever 3 or 4, things are happening quite quickly, letting the player understand the game perfectly by then.
  • Longevity: People play the game for months now, as they must reach level 8 or bankrupt the company they are fighting against for 3 levels now ...
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