Newsz: News Chat and Hot Debates - Android App Featured

Newsz: News Chat and Hot Debates by Cloudify - Android App Featured   

If there is something that unites us as people, it is the urge to know what's going on. If we come from some troubled spot like the middle east this is quite understandable but even if we hail from a Scandinavian country where a cat stuck on a tree makes national news, we still want to hear about. If it's sports, politics, the economy, immigration and a thousand other subjects, we WANT to know about it.

But often, just knowing about something that is going on is not enough. We may have some enlightening piece of information about the current news item we would like to share. Or perhaps we would like to receive some clarification about a certain item, or just ask local people how they are dealing with this in order to be better prepared. 

We can readily understand that consuming news is not just about reading a news paper. In order to really understand we need to interact with the news and the people who make and read them. And now, technology has finally come to a point where it can support us.

Enter Newsz: News Chat and Hot Debates, an app designed to enrich our news consuming habits and transform our entire news related experience. First and foremost, this app is a news broadcasting and receiving app, in that is displays for the user whatever news are interesting to him, whether it is national news from major networks and papers to local community news.

In fact, the Newsz app supports more than three hundred locales where it can present the user with localized and updated news from his or her community. If you leave in a major US or European city, chances are Newsz already supports your local community and displays the news particular to it.

But actually the most important feature of this app is its interactive news coverage. In other words, the user can read comments and explanations that other users had made on a particular news items, ask questions and post updates and information that he or she has. This way, the online community itself contributes its own knowledge and experience to add information to the news.

The broad range of topics covered by the app (from sport to politics to everything in between), the easy to use interactive nature of the app, the support for a large number of local communities and the in depth articles and discussion the online community produces for the news items transforms the news consuming experience and makes it into something that is a lot more fun AND a lot more informative.

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