Mahabharat Warriors - Android App Featured

Mahabharat Warriors by Anoman Studio - Android App Featured   

Strategy games can be found on Google Play by the dozens, of all kinds and types, starting from simple puzzle solvers to tower defense games to complex massive multiplayer online strategy games. This is why here on Android Review Center we make a real effort to find those games that are different.

The principles of many strategy games are so similar, they almost seem to have been made by a single studio just with changes to the pics of the units ...There is usually a main tower to be defended, basic and advanced units to be constructed and some strategic decisions to be taken during battles.

This is why we are glad to introduce Mahabharat Warriors, a game that really goes in different and interesting directions.

The first thing that is different to the other games in the genre and that really breaks the mold is the game setting itself. As can deduced from the name of the game, the settings, soldiers and enemies are all taken to a greater or lesser extent from the major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, giving the game a really different look and feel.

The game itself pits the player against hordes of enemies who try to breach the player's defenses and destroy the towers he or she must defend. The player can recruit a squad of soldiers, divided into several classes, from swordmen to archers and artillerymen. 

The player then must use his or her resources to upgrade his or her squad, buy new and exciting special abilities and otherwise make good investment choices, choices that will decide the player's squad fate against the mythical enemies who approach and their terrible bosses.

Mahabharat Warriors is a sophisticated strategy game with a very original and seldom seen setting, ancient India. With a lot of upgrades, soldier types, interesting and unique enemies, Mahabharat Warriors provides a gameplay experience not felt on other, more common strategy games.

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