Falling Birds Lite - Android App Review

Falling Birds Lite by Upfront Applications - Android App Review

Falling Birds Lite by Upfront Applications - Android App Review. One of the most popular game genres for Android Smartphones are arcade games, because of their simplicity, instant play features and challenge, not to mention their need of quick fingers and good eye to hand coordination. The problem is, there are thousands of arcade games on Google Play.

A good arcade game should offer several things to make it stand out among the thousands of games out there on Google Play. It should be challenging. It should be have a different story and background. It should enable instant play and resume functions. It should allow hours of play and not be too short.

We at Android Review Center would like to showcase Falling Birds. But, is it any good?

Falling Birds is an arcade game (there's free game with ads and a paid version without the ads that costs a measly dollar) where the play must catch, well, birds that are falling into a cage and rescue them from a cage by tapping on them. There are four types of birds, from the basic green, to the fat red that saves every bird, the blue bird that freezes the screen and the sneaky yellow that puts all the birds into the cage.

Falling Birds has 99 levels to complete with steadily rising challenge level as the speed of the falling birds increase. The game also has an endless more for those seeking a true challenge and the ability to save and publish high scores to Twitter and Facebook to show your friends just how quick you are. 

We gave the game for our reviews to try out, making sure young and old, educated and blue collar, men and women got the game to get a wide range of opinions.

First off all, the reviewers reported Falling Birds is a high quality game, much more so than its Google Play score would suggest (further examination shows that the bad reviews came from the early period of the game, before updates solved the bugs and issued reported by the bad reviews). It is stable, works as advertised and generally causes no problems, crashes or freezes of the smartphone. 

Reviewers liked the simplicity of the game, that was balanced just right between being too simple and being challenging. In fact, most reviewers said the game became challenging quite fast, though younger people were challenged at level 20 + while older found the game challenging at levels 10 +.

Interestingly, both younger and older people liked the game, though playing styles were different. While younger people relied on their speed and nimble finger, older people played a smarter game, trying to plan ahead and take advantage of the different types of birds.

And now for some tips and tricks. Since Falling Birds is simple but quick, try to loosed up during playing, letting your instincts guide your fingers. It works better that way. But, the different birds should be utilized, taking notice of a red bird and waiting for it to fall before tapping it, to let it carry to safety as many birds as possible.

The blue birds are also useful for two main things. First of all is getting a few seconds of rest for the eyes and fingers. The second reason is planning ahead, taking a fast inventory of what birds are now falling on the screen and seeing in what order it is best to tap them, or judge the correct time to use the red bird.

Finally, keep in mind always the yellow bird, as a tap on it can ruin a well played level just before the finish line ... Endless mode is also useful, not only for fun playing but to warm up a little bit before tackling a particularly difficult level, making sure your fingers, eyes and concentration are up to the task.

Falling Birds is a prime example of arcade games, a game that will appeal to games of every level and every age. Our reviewers loved it and recommend to give it a try (you can try to free version, and then, if you want, buy the ad-less version for uninterupted play.

  • Score: 4.6. A very good arcade game, one that was fun reviewing.
  • Description: An arcade game where birds are falling into a cage and the player must tap them to get them to fly to freedom.
  • Good Points: Simple game.Nice graphics and very nice soundtrack. Challenging and a little strategic touch with the four kinds of birds.
  • Bad Points: Nothing important that comes to mind. One or two reviewers would have liked to have even more kinds of different birds with additional abilities.
  • Experience: The game can be played almost immediately as it is very apparent what must be done. Learning to use the different birds properly takes a little more time.
  • Longevity: Avid games will surely keep is installed on their smartphones, as anyone who needs a casual game for the times of leisure.
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