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Falling Birds Lite by Upfront Applications - Android App Featured   

Android Smartphones can be used as mobile offices, mobile communications centers, mobile security and health centers but most importantly, they can be used as mobile entertainment centers. With screens that become larger and larger each year (now 5.5 Inch has become the standard), bigger resolution and high quality speakers, games have become one of the most important apps on smartphones. 

Games come in many types and flavors, but they can be broadly divided into the time and attention needed to play them. There exist the huge, complicated games that need a lot of time (at least half an hour of playing per session) to properly enjoy while at the other end of the scale exist the arcade games, games that are ideal for people that want to fill the small empty times in their lives with some rapid action fun, for instance those that have to wait for public transportation or students.

An interesting example for those arcade games is Falling Birds by Upfront Applications.

First, let's explore the game itself. As an arcade game, Falling Birds should provide lots of quicker and furious action, and it delivers. The game's premise is quite simple. Birds are falling down, waiting to be saved by a quick tap of the finger on them. A cage is waiting at the bottom and the user must save the birds by tapping them before they enter the cage.

Now, to make things more interesting and challenging, there are four types of birds with different coloration and behavior when touched. The green birds just fly away when tap but the red fat birds take with them all the birds on the screen whenever tapped. The blue birds make every other bird freeze for a limited time and the yellow bird are menaces, not to be touched under any occasion,  

Falling Birds comes with a lot of features, all designed to make playing the game more interesting and challenging. The player can select arcade or endless more for more intensive action, there are a huge number of levers to be passed and the game remembers your state if the game is interrupted, letting the player resume the game after the interruption has gone.

Finally, when all is said and done, arcade is all about challenge, speed and lightning fast reflexes and Falling Birds delivers on all three with a solid, challenging and content full game that provides many hours of gaming, passing through the levels or risking it all to play on Endless more.

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