Butt and Legs Workouts Level 1 - Android App Featured

Butt and Legs Workouts Level 1 - Android App Featured   

It is perhaps with some happiness that we at Android Review Center are forced to admit we were wrong. We always thought and wrote that Android smartphones are here to serve as mobile communications centers, mobile entertainment centers and mobile officers but actually we were wrong. 

There is something we overlooked.

In addition to what we wrote above, android smartphones serve at least one more function which is just as important, a function which lately is getting more and more attention. i.e, they serve as security and health enhancers for their users. There is really little difference between security and health, because you actually cannot have one without the other for long.

In this article we would like to concentrate on one particular health app, Butt and Legs Workouts Level 1, which is part of a series of toning and fitness apps. 

Toning and fitness are more important than people usually think, and we'll tell you why. First of all, a fit person is more healthy, his cardio-vascular health is better and his immune system is stronger. Toning is also important because, done right, it burns off excess fat which is actually a health hazard. Finally, looking good and fit also has a profound effect on our morale, something which is often overlooked but is just as important for our health. 

And we should not forget that looking good is important both for health and social reasons. Even aesthetic reasons. Now, this app is just what we need in order to get fit and tone our muscles. First off all, it has a plan of workouts which allows anyone to start training, regardless of his or her previous conditions. 

Very well done videos serve to illustrate how the workouts should be done in order to maximize effectiveness and also for motivation, since we SEE the instructor on our screen doing the workouts exactly the way WE should be doing it, the correct way and the correct time. It has great motivational value as there is a video for any kind of workout.

Last but not least are the app's nutrition tips which are indispensable for anyone trying not only to get fit and tone his or her body, but to stay that way for good. 

To sum things app, Butt and Legs Workouts is a fitness and workouts app that has everything in it, from workout plans and exercises to videos showing exactly how the workouts should be done to dietary advice to help us get the body we want and keep it. We must not forget that this app and the series to which it belongs are important not only to our looks but also to our health as well.

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