They took out our base - multi player type strategy game report 2

They took out our base -  multi player type strategy game report 2


We actually knew this was coming. When you start a multi player type strategy game you get three days of grace and your base is shielded (by a shield, spell, guardian spirits - it changes with the game) from attacks by other players of the game. In other words, you have three days to prepare for an attack.

Why would another player attack your base? Well, resources in these games are gathered in special container buildings and attacking them (as well as attacking the town hall, or base, or dragon hall) will net the attacked a percentage of your accumulated resources. So, we didn't have any choice. We had to fortify our base.

Fortifying our base was not as easy at it sounded. You use walls to protect the base and various towers and devices to kill incoming invaders. However, there is a serious lack of resources and time and players that have played the game for months have armies much too strong to easily fight off.

Still, you do what you can. You surround your base with walls, even though you cannot really protect all your buildings, just the resource storing and producing ones. You build as many defenses you can. And you hope for the best.

And then someone came and razed out base to the ground. More on that painful event later ...


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