Round Clock Widget TAS - Android Featured App

Round Clock Widget TAS - Tiny Apps Studio - Android Featured App  

People, let's face it. Watches are a thing of the past. Almost NO ONE over the age of thirty five or forty wear a watch. It's that simple and there are MANY reasons for that. First of all, our Android Smartphone is capable of showing us the time, so why would we need another (Expensive!) device on our person to guard and protect?

There is also the monetary problem. i.e. We spend hundreds of our hard earned money on a good smartphone and then we have to spend MORE money on a watch? And now we have to put it on in the morning, remember to take it off before showering, remember to switch the battery etc etc.

Our Android Smartphones already have a clock widget, so why do we have to trouble ourselves with ANOTHER clock widget?

First of all, let's see what Round Clock Widget TAS by Tiny Apps Studio has to offer. In fact, this is a prime example of an app that appears to be simple but has quite a lot of sophisticated functionality. Let's start with the look. The widget display the time in twenty different styles, each with its own tweaks and special look.

In addition, the app shows a simple animation for the seconds timer which is more important than people realize because with this animation, a user can just glance at at the widget and in an instant know what time it is, down to the second, just by looking at the animation.

Another very useful feature Round Clock Widget TAS app has it language customization. The app configures its time and date display to match the preferred language on the device it is installed on, and there ARE marked differenced between time and date displays in different parts of the world.

So, with very easy to setup settings, beautiful clock styles and matching fonts, automatic customization for different languages, second and time animation and almost two dozens styles of clocks, it has hopefully become VERY clear why this app should be on everybody's smartphone instead of the default Android clock widget. 

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