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Feed The Alien by Pinfloy Mobile Games - Android App Featured   

The wonderful and fun part about games for Android Smartphones is that with such a big pool of app makers, the variety and imagination seen right there on Google Play is astounding, as if it affords us a glimpse into the very pool of human ingenuity. Therefore, we at Android Review Center love above else games and apps which are inventive and unique.

Now, we know and love alien games but one way or another, they usually have one very specific point of view, that of the murderous aliens attacking humanity while us poor humans must use every available means to defend ourselves. Consequently, most of aliens depicted on these games are usually blood thirsty monsters of some kind.

This is why it brings us real pleasure to introduce Feed the Alien, a game that definitely goes in other directions than most other games.

Feed the Alien is quite a simple game, though mastering it and playing it well are quite difficult. In the game, we are presented with one alien, quite a cute one eyed green bugger that is really harmless. However, our green skinned alien is hungry and out job is to send the alien food to prevent it starving.

But throwing food is not quite as simple as it sound. We the players must aim the food to reach the immediate proximity of our hungry alien or he won't be able to reach the food. In addition, we must overcome obstacles, monsters and other hardships while sending the food flying towards the alien. This is not as simple as it sounds!

The game makes, Pinfloy Mobile Games have made a real effort to make a game that is both pleasing to the eyes and addictive, with cute and professional graphics coupled to fun gameplay that requires both good fingers and some thought to puzzle through the harder levels.

Feed the Alien also has a large number of interesting features, starting from galactic credits that with sufficient number can buy more lives to special foods with special effects. This game is a non violent game (quite rare these days!) and is the first chapter in a game series that should be interesting to follow.

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