Factory.com Product Search APP - Android App Review

Factory.com Product Search APP - Android App Review

Factory.com Product Search APP - Android App Review. Android Smartphones are there to provide us three very important services. They can be our mobile office, our mobile communications centers and mobile entertainment centers. However, all of this pales when an app that allows us to save real money comes along.

Let's face it. We all buy things in one of two main ways and we don't really have a tool to allow us to be sure we are buying the right thing at the right price. Of course, this is a shame because one of the great things brought to us by progress is internet shopping where EVERYTHING is available for sale somewhere, we just have to find it.

To solve these problems, we took out Factory.Com app for a spin. Did it really solve our shopping problems?

First of all, we have to make something clear. Even though we use a lighter tone, shopping is a serious business. Each of us spends hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year for shopping and a good tool that will allow us substantial savings on our buying can net us hundreds of dollars of savings each year. This is not a laughing matter. 

What does Factory.Com app really do? This app has two (or actually three, but we'll talk about it a bit later ...) modes of operation. First of all, it allows us to scan a barcode of a product and then automatically runs a search of selected online retailers for the same product. In addition, it allows us to search manually and compare the different retailers' price of the same product. Thirdly, the manual search allows us to find out new products, and not only compare products we already know. 

We gave the app to our reviews and told them to get on with their business, and use the app before doing any kind of shopping. We were really quite surprised with some of the results.    

Reviewers who used the barcode scanning feature found out what all of us already knew, that online shopping was really cheaper. The app immediately gave results, displaying the same product on ebay and Amazon.com and the price comparisons were readily apparent. Reviewers said they actually changed their minds about doing some of their purchases because of the app, preferring to buy online.  

The reviewers who tried the searching function found it very easy to use and very useful as it immediately gave listings of the same products on a lot of online retailers. Again, our reviewers were surprised at how much money they saved just by running Factory.com app on their smartphones.

Actually, the thing that surprises us was how quickly everyone, including the older reviewers took to this app. Everyone wants to save money, even if they have to use an app that is frankly very easy to use.

And now for some tips and tricks. When walking into a shop, scanning a product and showing the results to the owner of the shop, you can sometimes get a discount or a special offer as the owner tries to match the price to give you incentives to buy from him. 

In addition, reviewers were able to use the search function to find out about new products they didn't know (like a newer version of a Samsung tablet that just arrived) and not only save prices. Finally, searching with a little less detail can net you identical products with a different model number which sometimes denote the same product.

In conclusion, our reviewers were all very impressed with this app as it gave them real savings and allowed them to conduct their shopping much better than before. 

  • Score: 5.0. Almost perfect shopping helper tool. 
  • Description: A retailer comparison app that shows you the same product (whose name is taken from barcode scanning or entered manually) on several retailers and allows you to compare prices.
  • Good Points: Very easy to use, search, sort and filter results. Good display of results. Very streamlined and professional interface. 
  • Bad Points: We haven't really found any worth talking about. We just hope that the next updates of the app will allow us to buy products directly through the app.
  • Experience: The app is really easy to use and no one had any trouble working with it, young and old. Searching for products was a bit trickier and takes some practice, as does running a search through google.
  • Longevity: Virtually no one uninstalled this app as no other app is so good at finding discounts for the products we need, though some reviewers used the app more than others, depending on their shopping habits.
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