Factory.com Product Search APP - Android Featured App

Factory.com Product Search APP - Android Featured App  

We love Android Smartphone. We do start out almost every featured article this way but the readers must understand our point of view. Anyway, we should emphasize that although we love our smartphones, what we REALLY love is saving money. We are (mostly) human and trying to save as much money as possible while STILL buying what we want is what we love the most.

Buying usually comes in broadly two ways. First of all is the old fashioned way. Just walking along, seeing something we like, entering the shop and trying out the product that caught our eye, whether it was a sweater or a NUC HTPC for our living room. The second way is the online way, just sitting at our PC and surfing the major retail sites for the things we want or need.

To really help us out to do our shopping smartly, i.e. saving money, Factory.Com comes to the rescue.

What does Factory.Com do? It has two major modes of operation. The first one entails scanning the barcode of a product, say when the user is entering a physical store. The app then allows the user to select among the major online retails and presents similar results from those retailers. Scanning a laptop for instance, the app will present the same laptop on ebay, amazon.com and more.

The second mode of operation that is very similar but not less important is running a search without having the barcode of a product. That way, the user types is whatever product name he or she is interested in, say an Asus tablet and the app will find the best suggestions for Asus tablets on the online retailers.  

Of course, the app offers extensive tools to sort and filter the results, either by selecting the online retailers desired, sorting by price and other categories and also filtering the results. The app also allows searching after a bardoce is scanned, to allow the user to find products related to the one he or she just scanned.  

We hope this article made it very clear why we love Factory.Com. It is an app that does exactly what's it is designed for, and that is to give us quick results from various giant online retailers to show us whether what and where we're planning to buy is good and cheap. In other words, this is one of the best money saving apps we've ever seen.

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