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Emu Rush Free by Slinky Studios - Android App Featured   

We at Android Review Center strongly believe that android smartphones should serve as mobile offices, mobile communications centers and as entertainment centers. Now, when we refer to entertainment centers, two main roles come to mind. Consuming media (movies, music etc) and playing games. 

Games, for Android or in general, can be divided into two main groups. Complex games which require gaming sessions measured in hours (even for smartphones) in which the player must gather resources, design and build a base and finally go out and tackle missions or other players of the games. And then there are the simpler arcade games which are just as important as the complex games.

We would like to introduce Emu Rush, an app firmly entrenched in the arcade game types.

Emu Rush appears simple but simple does not mean easy. The player must control the huge flightless birds running across the screen in this endless running game. The birds must beware of different obstacles strewn across their way and of the portals, because hitting the portals will cause the birds to change their running lane.

Emu Rush is not an easy game. Jumping and dodging obstacles in the correct timing is crucial for the survival of these birds. The player must concentrate entirely on this game in order to be able to act swiftly enough to avoid the things trying to hamper the birds in their running. 

Emu Rush uses simple graphics and music which are just perfect for these types of games, allowing the player to concentrate fully on the task of controlling the birds and not providing distractions that may hinder the player and the tireless birds. Of course, the birds themselves are quite cute (although their real life counterparts are bone ugly. Trust us on this ...).

Emu Rush is just perfect for those seeking to relax for a few minutes, flex their fingers and hone their minds and reflexes in this fast running game, comparing results with players around the world and fighting to reach the next achievement. A perfect arcade game.

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