Cut-Fall-Crush by app-artist - Android App Featured

Cut-Fall-Crush by app-artist - Android App Featured   

Google Play has millions of apps by now, which is just a sign of how much Android Smartphones have proliferated and enhanced every aspect of our lives, from communications to working to consuming media to playing games. Of course, that huge number of apps (with hundreds more being uploaded into Google Play every day) poses a problem of its own.

That problem comes from originality, or lack thereof. With so many apps out there, it is the sad truth that only a small proportion represent truly new and unique ideas. A large part of the apps are just copied ideas from other apps and even though they may have introduced improvements on the original idea, still sheer originality is priceless.

That is why we are excited to introduce Cut-Fall-Crush, an app with a very original idea and even more original graphics.

What is Cut-Fall-Crush all about? The game itself is quite simple, though mastering it at any level is another thing altogether. The player gets o select a shape out of a possible selection of four and then he or she needs to cut the swinging rope at the right time and try to hit shapes of the same color to crush them while avoiding the laser beam.

The game is much harder than it looks because the shapes move and tumble when hit and the player must guess and estimate which piece will end up where to make sure all the right pieces will eventually be hit. In addition, a laser beam crosses the screen and the player must time all swings as to avoid his or her pendulum from being destroyed by the beam. 

One of the great things about this game is its original graphics. All the displays and UI are designed in a luminous neon sign form, filling the screen with color limited to the contour lines of the shapes and objects being displayed on the screen. In fact, the graphics are very reminiscent of the unique visual style of Tron, both the original and the sequel.

Cut-Fall-Crush requires a keen mind and the ability to strategically plan ahead to make sure the pieces roll where they are supposed to, not to mention the difficulty arising from the pendulum's momentum and motion. For those who want a mental challenge and enjoy otherworldly, beautiful graphics, Cut-Fall-Crush is perfect.

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