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Cover Me - Fake Magazine Maker by Joyride Apps - Android App Featured   

There are probably more than a million apps on Google Play right now. Perhaps a little more, perhaps a little less. The point is, however, that there are MANY apps over there, all available for download to our Android Smartphones. Now, we at Android Review Center search for the better apps, apps that not only save our money and make our lives better, but the original apps.

So, before we dive into the app we chose to feature in this article, let's talk about a secret need, a need we all share though we hardly dare admit it. We all long to be a celebrity, to be celebrated for our good looks, our developed brains, our industrious achievements or just because of the good deeds we performed. The celebrities are the idols of our time and we all long to become one.

This is why we are so please to present Cover Me, an app that let's us become a celebrity for a day.

What is Cover Me? This highly original app allows us to do something very simple, yet precious ... It allows us to take a photo of our selves (or anyone else for that matter) and create a fake magazine cover with the picture of our choosing morphed seamlessly into the cover. Thus, making a Time magazine cover with our face plastered over it is simplicity itself.

The fun thing is that we can add whatever text we want, to whatever magazine we want (out of a collection of dozens of magazines, with more coming up on every update of the app). Do we want to be celebrated for discovering the cure for cancer? No problem. Do we want to make a gift pic for a friend who finished a game first? Easily done. A parent lost weight and we want to congratulate him or her in a grandiose matter? No problem at all.

The app itself is very simple to operate, just adding the photo we want morphed into the cover, selecting the cover template out of those available for use, editing the text to add the headlines we want and presto, the cover is made in HD resolution with all the added details engineered to make anyone believe the cover was really genuine. 

Do you now see why we really like Cover Me? It's an original app, its operation is simplicity itself, it answers a need that is hidden deep inside all of us and the possibilities and uses of the app are just incredible, from self glorification (which is also important!) to presents, surprise gifts and endless humor.

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