Borjikos Adventure by GIZGIZA - Android App Review

Borjikos Adventure by GIZGIZA - Android App Review

Borjikos Adventure GIZGIZA - Android App Review. It seems to us that almost all the games out there on Google Play can be put into two categories. Kids games and destructive games. So, if a game isn't for kids, than it is a game meant for destruction, either of the enemy clan or the evil invading aliens or whatever. Even if there's no enemy per se, still the player character will die a gruesome death if it won't jump at the right moment.

There are so few games with little to no destruction in them. Even Minecraft has it's own type of violence. Of course, there are the gambling type games but they CAN be destructive to the player's bank account ... Anyway, we were more than thrilled to stumble upon Borjiko's Adventure, a game with no destruction, death, falling down or any kind of violence whatsoever. 

But really, can a game with no violence be fun to play?

First of all, what is this game all about? The game revolves around Borjiko, a kind of alien or monster who innocently enough travels around the world and in each place he arrives to he has to play a match 3 puzzle where he has to assemble the necessary ingredients to prepare on of the location's national or traditional food, selecting ingredients out of a large existing pool of things to use.   

Whenever our lovable monster solves a puzzle, he / she / it receives stars and with those stars Borjiko unlocks new countries that he can fly to and try to find the ingredients to those new places' national foods. Of course, each new country appears with its own distinct graphics and maps.

So we launched our small army of people who review apps to give this app a try. We noticed something interesting right then and there as we found out more people than usual were happy to try this particular game. Gameers, naturally, but also people interested in cooking.

First thing we found out was that people actually found this game to be pretty interesting and engaging, even though it appears to be quite simple. People were quite happy trying to find out the ingredients and even more happy to discover special and unique dishes of different locales. 

The reviewers were also quite happy and liked the game's graphics which are a blend of accurate drawings done in a cartoonist style creating a very pleasant atmosphere to the game while still maintaining accuracy as to the dishes and ingredients.

We also got a lot of favorable reviews that mentioned the sheer number of locales, places, ingredients and dishes. This creates an almost inexhaustible game that gave reviewers a fun game that never runs out, even as updates keep adding more and more.

And now for some tips and tricks. When going over ingredients of dishes from a specific country, try finding out the common ingredients used there. They are used in almost ALL the dishes there. Examples include cheeses in some places and sea food in others.

Another interesting thing we found out was that the game actually gave some people incentive to go out and research the recipes for dishes they saw and liked on the game, making them learn more about the country and the dish in question.

Last but not least, this made for some very interesting talks as to the dishes and the places they come from. It sounds kinda of stupid, but talking about dishes is ALWAYS interesting and people always want to learn more about them. You just don't have to tell them you learned all that information from a game ...

Our reviewers liked the game, its graphics and its quite original concept and many reported it had some interesting and beneficial side effects, which we outlined above. 

  • Score: 4.75. Almost perfect but we want the recipes put into the game as well!
  • Description: A match 3 type puzzle where the player must match ingredients in national dishes of different places and countries.
  • Good Points: Very nice and pleasant graphics. Huge amount of ingredients and dishes. Interesting and quite unique concept.
  • Bad Points: None really, except we would have wanted to have the recipes available along with the dishes inside the game.
  • Experience: The game is easily playable and there is no learning time, per se. It does get more difficult at advanced levels but that's where the fun lays.
  • Longevity: Since the game is about food, and there are almost endless number of ingredients and dishes, this game is here to last.
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