BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor - Android App Featured

BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor by Papenmeier Software UG - Android App Featured   

We at Android Review Center like smartphones. We really do. We firmly believe that android smartphones (yeah, even the other kind too) can really make our lives better. They mainly serve as mobile communications centers, mobile offices and mobile entertainment centers. However, we do realize that there are (few ...) things more important than smartphones and there are apps that break the mold on the main three utility kinds we just outlined.

Well, we actually found something that was more important than smartphones. Babies. Yeah, we know. Anyone who has grown kids or is too young to have kids is now shuddering but babies are important, at least to their parents. And they are also a very time consuming thing, as even at night or during the day when they take a nap, the parent must be at hand at all times to make sure the baby isn't crying out of hunger or a full diaper. 

So it is with great pleasure we introduce BabyPhone Mobile, an very innovative app that tries to let parents of babies take back some control of their lives.

What does BabyPhone Mobile do? This app turns a mobile device into a listening device or monitor for the baby in question. In other words, this app uses the smartphone's sensors to detect and transmit noises such a baby crying to speech and pictures on demand to a receiving mobile device or desktop. Of course, as the app transmits over cellular data connection, range is not a factor.

BabyPhone Mobile has a range of nifty features to make it all the better. First and foremost, it allows the user to calibrate the microphone of the mobile device used as monitor. This is important because sensitivity can change because of different smartphone cases, location of the monitor device and the room's acoustics. BabyPhone works with the monitor device on standby to conserve battery (though make sure your device can transmit during standby!) and sounds an alarm if the battery runs low.

Another very useful feature is the ability to install the software on a desktop or laptop that is hooked to the internet, thus receiving the input from the monitor on a computer and not on a mobile device. Of course, the controlling software allows the user to take a picture of the baby whenever he or she wants to.

What does that give us? The app gives parents the ability to go about their chores in the house, even relax and watch a movie while all the time keeping tabs on their sleeping baby. For parents, this ability is priceless. Ask any parents of a young baby how utterly priceless this is for them!

Just as a side note, the app does require a small subscription fee to be able to use it freely (it can run sessions of up to half an hour for free).

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