V-Star Mobile VoIP / SIP Phone - Android Featured App

V-Star Mobile VoIP / SIP Phone by VoX Communications - Android Featured App  

There are three important roles Android Smartphones play. They are mobile offices, mobile entertainment centers and of course, mobile communications center. Communications are in fact one of the smartphons' most important roles and it is actually the origin of the whole smartphone idea.

But communications have many sides to them and one of them is owning a phone number. Even in this day and age of the Internet, Skype and Whatsapp, still the phone number is our identification and one of the most important pieces of information contained within our smartphones.

We would like to introduce V-Star Moblie VoIP / SIP Phone app and explain what exactly makes this app so exciting.

The first thing that makes us here at Android Review Center so exciting is that V-Star is a VoIP app, which is an app that allows us to make and receive regular phone calls through the Internet. But, this has been done before. One of the unique things about V-Star is that is allows us to produce and receive a new and unique phone number.

What does that mean?Let's say we want to do some business on Craiglist, or just do a job interview without giving away any biographic details about us before time (because we don't want our current employer to know) or we login into a date site and wish to hide our phone number. With V-Star, we get the opportunity to receive a new phone number, use it for the purpose we needed it and then discard it.

This gives us an unparalleled level of privacy. In addition, V-Star also implements a VERY wide range of pricing subscriptions to make and receive calls, both domestic and international to help us select the best one for us, whether we want to pay by the minute, or buy a prepaid package, or go for the international option. Everything is possible.

To sum things up, V-Star is actually an app for everyone, to receive and use a new phone number on a very well designed app that hides our real phone number AND let's us select a pricing package for any conversations we need to make and pay for only what we use and what we select.

Here at Android Review Center, we love apps that save us money, and V-Star saves us money AND helps restore some amount of privacy in this digital world.

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