Trying out a multi player type starategy game - A weekly report

Trying out a massively multi player type strategy game - A weekly report


Lately, those massive multi player strategy games types are growing like mushrooms after the rain. The principles behind most of them are fairly simple. The player gets to build a village (town, castle, base - depends on the game), mine and produce resources, produce an army and go out to attack other villages run by the game locally or the villages of other real live players, over the Internet.

Now, the principle of the game is that raiding other villages produces more resource which the player can turn into better armies and evolve his or her own base in order to build better armies with better units, etc. The battles are usually simple, just clicking to place the player's units around the enemy village and then the computer manages both the player's and the enemy's army during the battle.

Now, the fun and the frustrating thing about these games is the time it takes to play them. Building a base that has everything maxed out can take WEEKS if not months (unless the player wants to spend hundreds of real world dollars to speed things up) but that is part of the attraction of the game, investing time and energy into building a really good base of operations.

We at Android Review Center decided to try out one of these games and report our finding, strategies, tips, frustrations and successes. Since these games are really copies one of the others, or at least VERY similar, we won't reveal which game we are playing as it's not really interesting. We do intend to spend next to no money and see how we come along. Our first report will be up in a day or two ... 


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