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Tapet - Wallpapers Reinvented by SharpRegion - Android Featured App  

Let's face it guys, we've all been there. We've all moved through the same process. First of all, we put a pic of something cool as our smartphone's wallpaper. Then, someone get's annoyed, be it spouse or sibling and then we are forced to put THEIR pic on the wallpaper. But after a time, it get's annoying. We see our loved ones every day at home, why should we see them on our smartphones' as well?

Then, we try switching pics, but then we run the risk of putting a pic of the spouse she or he doesn't like, or just the hassle of constantly switching the wallpaper pics because how long can anyone keep seeing the SAME pic on the wallpaper? Eventually, we get sick of seeing ANYONE's pic on the wallpaper so we return to the original pic the smartphone came with.

But, Tapet - Wallpapers Reinvented has found a great solution to this universal problem. Let us tell you how and why.

What does Tapet to? Well, quite simply it creates random wallpapers based on eye pleasing geometric designs based on shapes, contours and colors generated randomly by the app in an automatic way on scheduled intervals with several configurable options such as the colors, shapes and themes the app will use. 

So what does that give us? First of all, Tapet insures that we get a new and colorful wallpaper whenever we want it (actually, as frequently as we set the app to generate a new wallpaper). The app's algorithms insure that we will never see the same wallpaper twice and we will never be able to guess how the next wallpaper will look. No need to ever search for new pics for out wallpaper!

Tapet's algorithm insures that the wallpaper generated will be at the highest resolution supported by your device. The algorithms also insure that the user will never be bored by seeing the same wallpaper twice and constant updates install yet MORE themes for Tapet to use. Of course, since this is not an active live wallpaper, battery and CPU drain by Tapet are non existent. 

Withe many effects such as blur, saturation and more and with no need to go online to check for images or such things, Tapet will always surprise you with new wallpapers even if you are abroad with no penalty to your internet data package.

To sum things up, Tapet creates beautiful parallax wallpapers optimized for the device it is installed on with minimum drain on the smartphone and with the ability to constantly surpirse and please the user with eye catchy, geometric wallpapers.

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