Swing Wizards by Earth Little - Android App Review

Swing Wizards by Earth Little - Android App Review

Swing Wizards by Earth Little - Android App Review. There are quite a lot of reasons to play Flappy Bird kind of games, including the various types of platform games. They are simple, do not require a long learning period, the player can have satisfaction immediately and not wait for a resource silo to fill up so the player can start building the forces that will be ready for combat in half an hour, real time ...

Of course, having a game that the kids can enjoy brings a lot of benefits with it. Although we at Android Review Center do not believe in giving the kids our smartphones ALL the time, still it could be useful to have a game that can give us ten minutes of quiet from the little monsters in times when we are waiting for a doctor, for example.

But a platform or Flappy Bird type of game must be good to be worth it. It should be relativity violence and adult content free to be given to kids and it must have some kind of interesting quality to provide fun to adults as well.

We took Swing Wizards by Earth Little and we wanted to find out, does it have what it takes to be a good arcade game for kids and adults?

We gave the game to our reviewers and made sure kids were included among our small army of people who test apps. 

It is not actually the first thing we are interested in but our reviewers were all unanimous in their reports. The graphics of Swing Wizards are really stunning. With careful attention to details, with colorful and lively background, the makers of Swing Wizards, Earth Little, brought to life their fantasy world in vibrant, living colors. 

What about gameplay? Swing Wizards is easy enough to play, as directing the flying characters is very easy, with just a few taps. However, the game is far from easy as the levels progress, so does the difficulty. Adults who persevered managed to get quite far but the kids really ruled the game.

It was interesting to notice that the kids were very definite in their selection of characters, boys picking the wizards and girls choosing the fairies, though the adults had no problem playing either character. Adult reviewers commented on the game's music while kids competed by collecting points and gaining medals.

The game proved to be very stable and its stunning graphics really require a high end big screen Android Smartphone or a tablet to really enjoy everything it has to offer. The kids mostly liked the leadership boards and took the competition seriously while adults mostly liked to relax with a beautifully drawn and animated game.

Like we said, the vast majority of adult reviewers liked this game, as it is simple to learn, presents a challenge and has very attractive graphics. Kids also loved the game, proving on the whole to possess quicker reflexes and be more interested in the leadership boards than the adults.

  • Score: 4.8. Great game. Some little nitpicks - see Bad Points section ...
  • Description: An arcade game where the player must fly a character through orcs swinging great iron balls. 
  • Good Points: Stunning graphics! Cute characters and orcs. Gently inreasing difficulty levels. Quick and responsive game.
  • Bad Points: Some nitpicks - We would have liked to see powerups and some magical effects (teleportation, immunity, shape changes etc).  
  • Experience: Everyone started going almost immediately. The game is intuitive and very easy to understand. Of course, advancing through the levels requires quick reflexes and the ability to plan ahead.
  • Longevity: Kids and adults with a craving for fantasy played this game for hours and hours. In addition, adults who love to relax now and then with a quick game also found this game appealing.
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