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Super Jet World by Elevated Vision - Android Featured App  

Let's face it, the amount of adventure most of us get to enjoy during the year is quite limited, mostly having to do with a reckless driver on the freeway. We get up, go to work, get home, go to sleep and then the recycle begins anew the next day. People with spouses and especially kids get to have a little more excitement in their lives but it is still not what one would call an adventure. 

Adventure consists of getting to new places, exploring them, battling or at least escaping the attention of various evil monsters. A large part of what adventure consists is not knowing what is coming next, what kind of crazy scenery we will find and what crazier beings are there to defend it and protest our arrival. 

Super Jet World is a kind of adventure, a simple action game that nevertheless manages to take us to fantastic places.

The game itself is quite intuitive and easy to learn. The player takes on the character of an old war vet who pilots a jet aircraft, controlling it simply through touch motions on the screen. The pilot must take his jet through some really wild environments while things become increasingly difficult as creatures, monsters and conditions themselves worsen by the minute.

We talked earlier about adventures and Super Jet World is a real adventure. The player gets to explore underground caverns, erupting volcanoes, unpredictable jungles and even outer space. Of course, every environment has its own dangers and specific native life, making exploring dangerous yet thrilling.

The makers of Super Jet World made a real effort to produce a fun and interesting game. On of their most interesting features is the ability to custom the jet our pilot is using, a feature not commonly seen on action games. The player can select colors, shapes and even the flag the jet flies behind it, all to suit the player's tastes and desires.

The game also has a plethora of other useful features like a catchy and slightly retro sounding music, a leadership board and the ability to allow the player to challenge his or her friends to a friendly competition and the game itself has several modes of play, from campaign to survival, making the player pilot the jet in increasingly difficult conditions, really testing the player's reflexes and piloting ability.

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