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Solar Rush by Gazzapper Games - Android Featured App  

We at Android Review Center love retro games for several reasons. First of all, they have a romantic feeling to them, a feeling of old times and better games. Secondly, they are mostly simpler to play and master than some of the super complicated games to today. Last but not least, they are usually less violent.

In addition, there are still people even on our team who remember the old games along with the old PCs, and even ATARI, AMIGA and Comodore consoles. Ask anyone who actually owned one of these and he or she will shed a tear for those classic consoles.

That is why we take great pleasure in finding and introducing retro games and Solar Rush is no exception.

Well, Solar Rush is fun to play for several reasons. First of all, it's retro looks are quite perfect, complete with pixelized icons and 8 bit sounds. The game itself is quite simple. You pilot your spaceship that must collect enough sollar cells while avoiding the shots being fire at your spaceship.

Gameplay is simple, with arrows controlling the movements of the player's spaceship and the levels themselves are quite straightforward, though the difficulty rises considerably as the player advanced through the many levels of this game.

The music, sounds and tunes are all 8 bit digitized, which means they sound exactly like games on ancient gaming consoles sounded like. For those that actually owned those consoles. Solar Rush is like coming home. Even those that are new to this, will find Solar Rush a different and quite invigorating experience.

We did mention that the game becomes harder as the player advances through the levels, with faster shots being fired and obstacles added, however the speed boost power-up will come handy when the player must collect a lot of solar cells in a short amount of time.

In conclusion, Solar Rush is a very well made game, with professional retro graphics and music, simple gameplay and nicely done levels with rising difficulty, perfect for the casual player and those missing ancient gaming consoles.

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