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Prende by Prende Entertainment - Android Featured App  

Phones have started as devices for communications but they have evolved into Android Smartphones that are complete entertainment centers, mobile offices and communications centers. Of course, being communications centers, there is nothing actually as important as what Prende.    

Not all of us will acknowledge it, but one of the most difficult and important things in life is finding a good spouse. It is actually so important that it potentially can affect our entire life. Of course, finding a good spouse is more difficult than it seems, especially in our modern and cyber oriented world.

Prende by Prende Entertainment is an app that makes a very good attempt to solve these problems.

Prende is social networking app that is more than just dating, though finding one's true love is certainly possible and really quite easy with Prende. The app allows the user to create a complete profile of himself or herself, complete with pictures, descriptions, hobbies and everything else the user might want to add.

Then, Prende allows the user to search and find nearby people who answer user defined criteria. The user can browse those peoples' profiles, seeing their pictures, hobbies and everything they felt the need to share with the other users of Prende. 

Striking up a conversation with someone is sometimes very difficult, even in the cyber world, which is why Prende offers a set of tools to communicate. Starting from pokes, different kinds of predefined messages and even following people, the user can contact the owner of the profile he or she liked. There is even a very useful feature to see who followed and viewed your own profile. 

Then, Prende allows the users to interact fully with messages and chatting, creating bonds starting from searching for bridge or Clash of Clans players to actually finding spouses and love interests.

Prende's beautiful and professional interface makes one of the most difficult yet important tasks in our lives a lot easier and a lot faster, and that's what we love in great apps for Smartphones.

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