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Just Get 10 by Veewo Games - Android Featured App  

Puzzles are among the games we really appreciate here at Android Review Center. Since Android Smartphones can and are used as mobile entertainment center, there's really nothing entertaining like a good puzzle, since the player can whip it out any free time he or she has and puzzle solving actually requires thinking and making the brain work, which is always a good thing.

However, finding an original puzzle is harder than it looks. There are tens of thousands if not more puzzles of different kinds on Google Play and it get's harder and harder to find a puzzle that is original, is interesting and challenging and is also fun.

However, we are quite pleased to introduce Just Get 10, an innovative puzzle game for Android from Veewo Games. 

So, what exactly is Just Get 10? Well, the game itself is quite simple though the difficulty level rises rapidly. In the game, the player is presented with a board filled with colorful numbers. The player must tap and join together numbers with the same color and the same value and then they combine to form a number with a higher value.

Then, the user must combine yet more numbers to work up the value and reach as high as possible, hopefully reach the value of ten, which is the goal of the game. Of course, the challenge comes from the physical layout of the number presented when the board is first displayed, because the player must think ahead to figure out how to combine numbers without blocking future progress.

Just Get 10 sports lovely music and sounds which make the gaming experience much more pleasant. The graphics are professional and colorful and look perfectly well on higher end smartphones and tabets' large displays. The game also supports leadership boards on Google Play and some sharing features which make gameplay even more fun.

For a quick challenge for those few minutes we want to relax or to train kids in spacial understanding and manipulation, not to mention planning ahead along with some basic math skills, Just Get 10 is one of the best and more enjoyable puzzle games we saw on Google Play.

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