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Jibumba Messenger by KRR GAMES - Android Featured App  

We at Android Review Center believe that Android smartphones are there to provide us with a mobile office, mobile entertainment center and of course, mobile communications center. We tend to focus quite a bit on the mobile office and mobile entertainment center functionality but we mustn't forget communications was the first role of phones and it remains their most important one. 

Online chatting and messaging has become the mainline of communications on smartphones today for many reasons. Writing a text message is easy, fast, usually with emoticons, can be shared between many people in a group, is usually free and can easily work internationally over oceans or wherever there is WiFi or cellular data connectivity.

Consequently, there are a lot of messenger apps out there today but we would like to introduce Jibumba Messenger, a messenger app with one aim in mind, an aim that should be very dear to us all.

First of all, let's talk about functionality. Jibumba has all the features any self respecting messenger app should have. Sending and receiving messages. Setting up groups. Sending and receiving any media files. Using a whole lot of emoticons for any conceivable emotion or situation we would like to represent.

So, where does Jibumba excel? It aims to save us the most precious commodity we have today, our time. On every level, this messenger app has made a real effort to save our time with whatever task we need to do with the messenger.

Setting up the app is simple and QUICK because it uses your phone number as your ID. Then, every one of your phone contacts is checked and everyone who has Jibumba installed is added to your messenger app contacts automatically. In addition, this app's interface is designed for simplicity and ease of operations, unlike other messenger that are so bloated with unnecessary features they have become very difficult to operate.

So, whatever you want to do in this messenger app such as enroll, look for a contact, share location and status, switch phone and numbers (yeah, occasionally this has to be done and other messengers are either very difficult to switch or require so many passwords and logins to be made your can never find heads and tails in them), Jibumba will do it much quicker and simpler than other messengers.

And like we already mentioned, time is now our most precious commodity and we LOVE every app that helps us save it!

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