Fatal Fall by GAMEOLIC SRL - Android Featured App

Fatal Fall by GAMEOLIC SRL - Android Featured App  

Everyone loves arcade games in general and platform games in particular. The reasons are varied and are actually quite complicated, in stark contrast to the arcade games themselves which are usually quite simple. First of all, people like simple games. Our lives are usually so complicated that a simple game comes as a relief.

In addition, we like a challenge and platform games are usually quite challenging and require lightning quick reflexes and rapid eye to hand coordination. But actually the thing people like the best about platform games in the story, as weird as it sounds.

Now, Fatal Fall by GAMEOLIC is a platform game with some very interesting twists and a unique story.

Fatal Fall's story is interesting and one that we haven't seen before. There's a first to anything and actually that's why we're here in Android Review Center, to see those new and different things for Android Smartphones. Anyway, in Fatal Fall, jack who had a little more to drink than is strictly good for him, finds a deep hole in the ground and falls down. And down. And down.

And this is where the player comes in. The player must now take control of Jack and turn his plummet into a controlled fall, avoiding obstacles, finding power-ups and even upgrading Jack's style, something which no one wants to neglect.

The game itself is very simple. Jack falls down and the player can make him veer to the left or right to avoid obstacles or pickup valuable items that happen to appear. The game's difficulty rises as Jack keeps falling deeper and even his descent becomes faster.

The power-ups are quite varied, from parachutes to temporarily slow Jack's fall to a power-up that lets Jack swim across the pit and even some power-ups that upgrade Jack's style and clothes.

So, Fatal Fall is a quirky game with a quirky sense of humor with simple but challenging game-play that can compete against any platform game on Google Play for sheer fun and enjoyment.

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