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Empty Fridge by Chabislav - Android Featured App  

The reason we don't tired of location, reviewing and writing reports about apps is the endless variety, imagination and thought put into those apps. Of course, sometimes we happen to chance on a real star, an app for Android Smartphones that really shines, showing us that the app's maker really had imagination and flair or just created a REALLY useful app. Sometimes, it is one and the same.

First of all, we have to outline the problem and it is one that is actually very close to home and affects everyone, from bachelors to students to teenagers coming home from school to exhausted parents to elderly folk. The problem is, what do we do with the few ingredients and leftovers that are ALWAYS present in everyone's refrigerator?

The problem has been solved by an ingenious app called Empty Fridge, and we'll reveal how exactly it solves it.

The app's operation itself is laughable simple, which is a sign of a great app since a great app even with complicated algorithms does not have to possess an overly complex user interface. Anyway, with Empty Fridge we just have to input a list of ingredients (those that we have in our fridge, of course. That's the whole idea) and the app gives us a list of recipes.

After we receive the list of recipes, we choose one of the presented recipes from the list and then we can see the whole recipe, complete with directions, phases and every kind of instruction we might need in order to actually make the recipe.

Now, the benefits of Empty Fridge should be obvious to everyone. Instead of throwing away things we have in the fridge or (some might consider this even worse ...) just stockpile things and ingredients we don't know what to do with, Empty Fridge gives up a viable alternative in the form of a recipe that actually uses the things that we already have. 

During October 2014 Empty Fridge has received a major update, solving all of the known bugs, improving the user interface and the recipe finding algorithm to enable it to find more recipes with the things we need. Empty Fridge let's us save money and time by letting us reuse things we have, and that's what good Android Smartphones are for.

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