Currency converter app by Tiarsoft - Android Featured App

Currency converter app by Tiarsoft - Android Featured App  

We always say that Android smartphones' purpose is to serve as mobile communications center, mobile entertainment centers and of course, mobile office but actually here on Android Review Center we love the most the apps that save us money. What can we do? That's the kind of people we are.

Saving money takes lots of different forms and shapes, from free services to reduced prices international calls and messages (we introduced apps that do all those things here on Android Review Center). But this time we would like to delve into the subject of currency conversion apps and the saving they bring us.

Naturally, we would like to introduce Currency Converter App by Tiarsoft.

Okay, so what's the big deal with currency converters? First of all, for those dealing with the stock market and foreign exchanges, knowing from moment to moment the current relative value of different currencies is imperative. Of course, every one buying and selling things abroad, whether as a business or just shopping on Ebay must know the current exchange rates. Last but not least, all those traveling abroad must know the value of money.

Currency Converter App indeed shows the user the relative value of currency. The user can select a view where the value of one currency is translated into several others for ease of reference, and of course the user can configure what currency will be translated into which currencies.

In addition, Currency Converter App updates automatically (with a toggle that can be turned off if the user needs to) so whenever the user wants to see exchange rates, the app automatically displays current exchange rates, which is quite important, especially when dealing with international stocks that open and close on different hours.

Last but not least is a currency exchange graph, displaying the various changes in the exchange rate of a selected currency. Anyone who trades in foreign money or needs to exchange it, or just wants to wait to see when to buy something abroad will find this graph indispensable for saving money, since it becomes quite clear whether the value of a currency rises or plummets.

Currency Converter App is a quite complete currency exchange rate display app, with up to date displays of every currency, automatic updates and currency exchange rate graphs so the user can follow and understand the changes in the value of money. It goes on without saying that the app is fully customizable in its displays and the currencies it follows.

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