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Piano Music Learner Free by Geek Android - Android Featured App  

We at Android Review Center always like to say that Android Smartphones are mobile offices, mobile entertainment centers and mobile communications center. An important role for our smartphones, a role we tend to neglect until this occurs to us, is helping us with our kids. No one thinks of that till he or she happens to have kids. Then, it becomes important!

Helping educate and enrich our kids is important for several (quite obvious) reasons. Doing it with our smartphones is even more important. We need to have educated, tech savvy kids so they will be able to compete in our highly competitive high-tech world. But allowing them and nurturing them to develop their art skills is just as important. 

This is why Piano Music Learner is just the thing parents are looking for. Why? Read on.

The idea behind Piano Music Learner is deceptively simple. When launched, the app opens a piano keyboard more than an octave width, with vivid colors to the keys and simple graphics that will make any kid or even baby try immediately to strike the piano keys on the display. Try this yourself with any baby if you don't believe us. 

The notes themselves are very clear and well recorded, with only your smartphone's speaker quality to blame if you don't hear the notes well. Every sound is crystal pure and the key lights up to show us exactly where we placed our fingers. There  is no learning curve with this app, it's interface is that good. 

Kids, even very small ones, immediately try to hit the keys and the great sounds encourage them on. In fact, it is quite simple to teach them to perform simple melodies with Piano Music Learner, enabling them to practice not only their musical ear and coordination, but also their memory and perception, always important things parents want their kids to work on.

Even though Piano Music Learner is also eminently suitable to grownups, we concentrated mainly on the benefits for kids. Who hasn't seen a desperate mom give her smartphone to her kid to silence him or her up? Well now that mom can give her kid something that will really push him or her along instead of just entertain.

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