Candy Rasta by Excelovate - Android Featured App

Candy Rasta by Excelovate - Android Featured App  

From time to time we happen to come across an app or a game that has something special in it. Innovation. Great graphics. Music. A special feature. In fact, this is why we founded Android Review Center in the first place, to find and showcase those special apps or games.

But sometimes that something special is not actually a feature but a mood. A feeling. A way the app or game appears and behaves, if it's music or graphics or color pallete. 

Among other things, Candy Rasta has a plenty of style and that's part of what makes it special.

The game in itself is quite simple. Swipe to hit falling candy as they keep falling from the skies (does this sort of thing happens a lot in Jamaica?). Gather enough candy before the time ends and beware of the ghosts whose touch is death. Just to make things interesting, fruits and vegetables will also fly across the screen.

Like we said earlier, the thing that makes Candy Rasta stand out is its style. Everything in the game is Jamaican, from the settings (nine great Jamaican locales) to Jamaican candy and fruits, to a specific Jamaican ghost called Duppy and of course, different Jamaican melodies in the different levels.

To keep things challenging, the player must hit a specific number of candies in a specified time to be able to pass into the next level. Jamaican sayings will occasionally appear, whether to help the player or keep the lovely Jamaican tone of the game.

This game is quite fun to play and casts a (Jamaican) spell on the player, whether from the relaxed Jamaican attitude or the cute and interesting graphics, that is for every player to decide for himself or herself.

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