Zickr - Android Featured App

Zickr - Android Featured App  

We are in an age of instant communications and Android Smartphones are a large part of what makes the modern world what it is, a large community. Actually, not the whole world but still each and every one of us has a large online community of his own, friends, family, coworkers, business partners and so on and so forth.

But we actually don't really have an effective way to use that online community. There is a term called Hive Brain, i.e The collective wisdom of an entire community (since we already established everyone has a community) but using conventional social networking programs to access it is slow, unwieldy and cumbersome. 

This is why we at Android Review Center are so glad to introduce Zickr, a brand new and innovative app that aims to solve the problem we had just outlined.

What does Zickr do? Zickr is a app that allows the user to quickly and simply upload a question to be answered by the online community, the so called hive brain. The user takes a photo (or just uploads a photo from his smartphone), adds text and explanation such as: "Guys, I need a new receiver. Would this do the job with my Polk Audio speaker set?" and that's all.

Of course the user uploading the question can decide whether he or she wants to share it with a few friends on Zickr, with some community or with everyone. In addition, the user can also decide to share the question with his or her Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr social networks. 

Then, the fun part begins. Everyone of the recipients of the question the user uploaded now receives it through the app and can vote on it with simple vote buttons. Green for - go for it! Red for - not on your life! and Yellow for - I'm not sure ... Of course, the results are private and only the user who uploaded the question and the photo in the first place can view them. 

With a streamlined interface that is nevertheless very attractive, with simple operation and fast responses, Zickr is a worthy tool to make the social networks work for us, to use their inherent potential as a hive brain to help us decide between cars, shoes, clothes and actually everything else we care to ask Zickr.

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