Sweet Jewels by Software Factories - Android Featured App

Sweet Jewels by Software Factories - Android Featured App  

Our world is a complicated one. No one can deny that. Apps require days and weeks of learning to use properly. Even Android OS has great new features but also a sharp learning curve that needs to be over come. Even TVs come today with a bewildering array of features that all need to be mastered in order to enjoy a rerun of Friends.

There is something to be said for simplicity, for having fun without learning how to use three types of resources, four type of gatherers, without building the base's defenses and trying to keep up with a game's research curve. Yes, we are talking about puzzles. Simple, fun, quick to operate and do not require tedious hours just to learn how to build a collector. Just install, run it and have fun!

One of the latest puzzles we stumbled upon is Sweet Jewels, a match 3 way puzzle with very nice and relaxing graphics and some nifty social features.

Sweet Jewels is a very nice puzzle, which is exactly what were are looking for in puzzles. The player must swap candles till he or she gets three of them to match in a single line. The boards are simple and game play is fast and flowing, ideal for some quiet five minutes of fun while you wait your turn at the coffee shop.

Sweet Jewels does have a few twists and turns to make it more interesting and more of a challenge, for those players in search of these things. Sweet Jewels has an arcade mode where the player can blow up limiting bricks by using special times and the game also has a time bar, challenging the player to see if her or she can finish the game in the allotted time. 

Last but not least, with Sweet Jewels the player can hook up to the Swarm social plugin, enabling the player to match his or her score versus other players, as well as receiving offers for other interesting games also taking part in the Swarm social network. Of course, the player can log in with his Facebook account or just play as a guest.

To sum things up, not all games must have complicated turn based battles or even more complicated resource and army management systems. Some of the most fun games are simple puzzle games, and Sweet Jewels with its attractive graphics, quick game play and social networking features is certainly a game to try.

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