SteamPunk JetPack Cosplay Race - Android Featured App

SteamPunk JetPack Cosplay Race by RoceanOne - Android Featured App 

Android Smartphones are mobile entertainment centers. It is not important whether they are planned to be this way, but today it is a fact more people than ever play games. There are (broadly speaking) two types of android games. One type is the long, complicated game that needs a lot of time and usually a large screen. The other type is the fast, quick game that needs just a few minutes of the player time and plays on every smartphone.   

The second type of game, the quick one, allow the player to have fun and enjoy himself or herself even when all he or she have are 3 minutes while waiting for a bus, 5 minutes while waiting for an appointment or just wants a few minutes to relax before hitting the bed at night. Usually the games of this type are arcade or actions games, simple and fun to play but they must be challenging to keep the player's interest up.  

SteamPunk JetPack Cosplay Race by Swiss studio RoceanOne is a great example of the second type of games. It is a action game where the user must race through a dungeon, flying with jet pack in a race while avoiding obstacles and fighting for powerups with many effects. There are many things that make this an attractive game, an ideal casual play game for any smartphone.

This game has a special attraction factor composed of several differing factors. First of all, it is based on steam punk cosplay. Now steam punk, the strange mixture of high tech steam powered devices is so popular because of its attractiveness, the sheer quirkiness of its devices and inventions. Anyone who saw the giant spider at the end of "Wild Wild West" will understand.

The game has four characters, each with his or her own character and profile (and slighty different behavior - but we'll let the players find this out on their own!) and they fly by rocket propelled jet packs. They don't fly by flapping their wings, floating on balloons or hovering with helicopters. These characters really fly! This makes the game much more active and dynamic.

So, to sum things up, SteamPunk JetPack Cosplay Race has a lot of things going for it, starting from really professional looking graphics, to fast and furious game play, to interesting options in a ton of power ups. "Casual gameplay", i.e. playing games for those few minutes between appointments (for instance), doesn't get much better than this.

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