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Scrabble Cheat by Marc John Donaldson - Android Featured App 

Cheating is such a hard word, sometimes. However, there are times when we want to look at the answers, or just appear smart with a ready solution to whatever word related problem is facing us now. Won't it be nice if our smartphone could solve word puzzles and anagrams when we want it to? 

We thought so too. Having a word solving app can be a great help now and then and Scrabble Cheat, despite its rather unfortunate name is a good example of an Android smartphone app that does word puzzles and anagrams like its nobody's business. 

So, what can Scrabble Cheat really do? With this app, the user can input a word and leave out two blanks, unknown letters that the app must fill. Then, Scrabble Cheat uses its many dictionaries that include SOWPODS, TWL 98 and 06, ENABLE, Words with Friends, Letterpress, Collins Scrabble Words 2012 and 2007 to find alternatives words.

One of the great things about Scrabble Cheat, besides the large collection of dictionaries for searching words, is the fact that it doesn't limit itself to the number of anagrams or word puzzles solutions it presents the user. The app will locate and present as many solutions it found that fit the puzzle in question, leaving it to the user to find and select the one he or she needs.

In order to be even more useful, Scrabble Cheat has a number of additional features that make searching a words very quick and easy. First of all, Scrabble Cheat can be a resident app that exist in the notification bar and pulling it down will instantly activate it, making searches almost instantaneous (you don't have to search for it on you homescreens or the apps folders).

In addition, Scrabble Cheat will also display the definition of each word presented, all to help us select the correct word for our puzzle. In addition, this app will also save previous searches and with its simple and easy to operate interface, it will be one of the best word solving puzzle apps we have ever seen.

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