Satisfi - Android Featured App

Satisfi - Android Featured App 

The customer is always right. This is not just a proverb, but for smart businesses it is a way of life for a lot of reasons. A business who hears what its customers say is a business who can learn what problems it has and what it needs to repair in order to improve. A business who listens to its customers is a business who has a better chance of thriving.
A customer who reviews a business is also a smart customer for several reasons. First of all, if you care enough about a business to write a review about it, then you have a chance of your review been read, acted upon and then your experience as a customer will improve. Secondly, the mere fact of writing a review and pointing out problems and things to fix usually makes a customer feel good about himself or herself. This is another reason why smart businesses would listen carefully to what customers say and implement a way for customers to be heard.

These are part of the reasons why we are glad to introduce Satifi, an app that allows a customer to communicate anonymously with the senior management or owner of a business. 

Satisfi is a very simple app to operate. A user who has a message or review to communicate to the management or owners of a business just has to open the app, input his current position and select the business he or she wants to communicate with. Of course, Satisfi pledges to keep the user's identity completely anonymous and not reveal it to the business being messaged.

Anonymity is one of the most important features Satisfi has to offer because it protects the customer or person who had communicated with the business. A business has to receive completely truthful reviews and messages in order to learn and benefit from them and the fact that Satisfi guarantees that anonymity insures that the reviews and messages being sent will really be truthful. Of course, the app can also be used by a business to receive truthful messages from its employees and not only customers. 

The interface of Satisfi is as simple as possible because in our modern day and age, an overly complicated interface would make customers think twice if they want to invest the time and write a message. After selecting the business the user wants to message, a simple option menu opens up where common problems and things usually messaged are displayed.

Satisfi is a app that was needed and we are glad someone thought of the idea and developed it. A world wide distribution of this can really help make our customer experiences that much better.

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